Today, people don’t cover their skin with clothes only, but they cover their skin with countless tattoos too. You can make a temporary tattoo with your eyeliner if you think that you are too young for getting a new tattoo.  Think about the perfect design – If you don’t have good ideas about tattoo designs, then you can surf the internet. Internet will fill your mind with numerous fashionable, new ideas of tattoo designs, including permanent eyeliner from Melbourne. Keep a copy of the tattoo images that you like the most. If you have a fascination toward fairies, you can try to draw a fairy figure on your skin with the eyeliner pencil.

You can collect best phrases, short sayings or cupid’s pictures to determine that which design would be perfect, as your new tattoo. It is suggested that embroidery patterns are good as your temporary tattoo. Such designs are cute, simple. You can also opt for eyebrow feather tattoo.  

Your tattoo’s placement – When you are making a tattoo on your own, you must make sure that you can reach that body part at ease. If you are facing problems, you can seek help from your artistic friend to make the tattoo for you. Don’t shake your body when the ink is applied on your body part to create the tattoo. Don’t make tattoos on those places where your body often gets in touch with your attire. This is because your tattoo will become fade when it will collide with your cloth each time. You can make a tattoo on your wrist, hand, on the neck and so on. Take some advice from your friends, relatives, neighbours and others before getting your skin inked. 

Waterproof eyeliner – It is true that waterproof eyeliner is the best one to create your temporary tattoo. Such type of ink will last for a long span of time and it will not smudge even if you will sweat or become wet in the rain.

Paper – You can print your tattoo’s design on a piece of paper or you can print it. The image must be clear enough to trace it. You can also make use of a computer to copy your tattoo design and use various image editing programs to do the task. If you cannot do it, then take the help of a professional tattoo maker. 

Hairspray – After making your tattoo, you can put a spray on it by using your hairspray. After tracing the lines of the tattoo’s design with a tracing paper, you can use the permanent eyeliner to put colour in it.