Every woman loves to have wigs on her selves and specially if they are made up of natural hairs. Kylie Jenner is the fond of good hair extensions and she- her shelf is loaded with many good quality branded hair extensions, and all our made up of human hairs. Although human hair extensions are too much costly because there is rigorous demand of human hairs throughout the world. Human hair extensions in Australia are preferable over synthetic and animal hair wigs because of their natural looks and easy maintenance. There are some amazing facts about human hair extensions that you must need to know.

Gainful Industry

Human hair industry is extremely gainable, this industry is earning multimillion dollars. Human hair is that much pricey and precious that even a gang once cut hairs of a women for selling it in the market and Gain some profit. 

Prominent sellers

You will not be surprised by the fact that most of the pieces of human hairs for extension, comes from India and china. Pilgrims made by temples are great source of Raw hairs for this industry. Temples like Venkateshwara in Tirumala India shaves the heads of the people who want to pledge their selves for temples, this is that much common trend that at this temple, in every 5 minutes, barber shave head of a new person. The hairs supplied from this temple can give Hair extension of max 30 inch in length.

Manufacturing Time

The very first step is to untwist and then categorize raw hairs, if there are lice in the raw hairs then they need to be taken out from the hairs. After these basic steps the raw hairs are sent for washing.  Once they are washed thoroughly, they are left to dry properly then they move forward toward further steps. After washing and cleaning, the wig go through dying process in which extensions are colored into multiple shades to provide multiple choice to the users.

Market of blond hairs

This is very strange fact about human hair extensions that if you have stock of blond hair and you want to sell, then there is no problem for you because market for blond hairs is much higher than the black or brown hairs. Customers are ready to pay more happily for Blond human hair extension. For blond hairs you can get up to $1500.

Short Hair market

 if you have short hairs and you want to sell them out to earn some extra money, but you are confused that short hairs can be sold or not? Then the answer is yes. Not only long hairs, some people want to wear wig of short length as well, but the dark fact is that it is not much pricey as compared to long hairs and usually used in cosmetic industries.

These are some details about human extensions that how they are made, which type of people sell raw hairs the most and different type of hairs have different market values.